Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pencil me in

Today I was reading my newest Runner's World to get me back in the running spirit and I came across an advertisement that interested me. It is a New Balance ad that says:

RUNNING may call before you go to work.
RUNNING may call the moment you get in the door.
RUNNING may call you for a lunch hour date on the trail.
The point is, whenever RUNNING calls,
you never screen it.

There are many times when I totally feel like going for a run but I put it off, or sit down, or decide to do something else and then I never go for that run. Today was the perfect example. The entire train ride home I thought about running when I got home. But when I got home I sat down and got tired and blew it off. I need to make running a priority.

So my alarm is set, I am hitting the hay before 10 and I WILL get up and run before work. No ifs, no ands, and definitely no buts. I am not going to let another run slip away.

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