Thursday, February 28, 2008

Excellent Way to Start the Day

I have been totally good about keeping my new years resolution of not going to Starbucks everyday and not ordering a latte when I do go in hopes of saving money... so basically I have not had a latte since last year.

This morning my local Starbucks had a broken coffee something or another and they could not brew coffee. Because of this, every customer could have any espresso drink they wanted for the price of that size coffee. I had my latte and DAMN it tasted amazing.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Hi my name is Jaime and I am addicted to registering for running events.

Phew, what a load off my shoulders to say it out loud. Recently I have spent the few precious moments I have not training looking up running events to register for. I have sent my dad many a links to races on Saturdays, since he golfs on Sundays (LAME) and then any other race I want to run I send to S. And then... JUST NOW... I read Lindy's blog which said she signed up for the Soldier Field 10 Miler (which I thought was sold out) and within less then 3 minutes I was signed up and ready to race.

I think I may need to get a second job to support my running race addiction...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The "C" Word

Scheduled: 6 miles
Actual: 6.57 miles
Time: 1:23:18
Pace: 12:40 minutes/mile

So I was super excited for my run Saturday morning. Why you ask? No... not because I had to wake up at 5:45 in the morning to drive to the city, but because it was my first run back this year with my beloved running group CES. Meeting in the lobby all of the pace groups lined up and I came to see that there was no one holding the 12 minute per mile pace group sign. The next slowest pace group with straight through running was 11:30 minutes per mile.


I mean I can keep that pace for my shorter runs but could I handle it for the longer weekend runs? I psyched myself into the group and off we went. Since there has been so much snow, ice, and other gross winter conditions this past season, as well as some construction on the lakefront path, the route we took was slightly different than this past summer. Luckily it was absolutely beautiful. Seeing the lake frozen over was quite a sight. And it was so great to run outside. AND I was keeping pace with the rest of the group! That is until the "C" word happened... NO not the gross C-word I can't even write down... the runner's equivalent to that word. (Please not the following might be filed under things you never wanted to hear about Jaime)

I started to Chafe.

I was right on pace to run one of my fastest 6 miles ever and all of a sudden it felt as though there was fire between my thunderous thighs and I was forced to walk for most of the last 1.5 miles. Yes I am aware of a wondrous product called Body Glide (if you don't know what this is then you are not a runner) But what I was not aware of is that you chafe MORE in the cold weather then you do in the heat!!! Crazy! I will remember this and slather on better next time.

On a lighter note... as I write this I have officially completed the Hustle up the Hancock, but I will write about that as soon as I see the results.

Catch Up...

So once again the week has gotten away from me and therefore I am going to clump a lot of not-so-amazing, sub-par runs into one post so deal with it...

Scheduled: 40 minutes
Actual: 4.15 miles
Time: 49 minutes
Pace: 11:50 minutes/mile

This run was nothing special... I don't even remember running it. I guess it is a good thing I keep a running log as well...

Scheduled: 40 minutes
Actual: 4 miles
Time: 43 minutes
Pace: 10:45 minutes/mile

I am not sure what was wrong with me but this was one of the worst runs to date. Although it was smoking fast I had a TON of GI issues during it and thought I was going to keel over at one point. I could go into a lot more detail but I am almost 150% positive that you do not want to hear it.

Scheduled: 30 minutes
Actual: 3 miles
Time: 33 minutes
Pace: 11 minutes/mile

Once again I was not feeling very good during my run and actually wasn't able to do the stair master afterwards because my tummy hurt too much to stand upright. Yikes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Scheduled: 40 minutes
Actual: 4.15 miles
Time: 48 minutes
Pace: 11:33 minutes/mile

I am back to training with my beloved running club CES for my spring half marathon. During the week CES does runs based on minutes and then on the long weekend run it is based on miles. Since my goal for this year is 1000 miles (and I haven't even ran 100 yet) and I run at a semi slow pace, I have decided to take the weekday minutes and act as though I average 10 minutes/mile.

Example: Monday I was scheduled to run 40 minutes so I converted that to having to run 4 miles. Understand?

Since I am still "training" for the Hustle I went to a different gym of mine and did the stupid hellish stair master machine for 35 minutes with S after work. Let me tell you working out before AND after work SUCKS.

S is a Beast

Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 5.25 miles
Time: 62 minutes EXACTLY
Pace: 11:50 minutes/mile

This was my first official training run of the spring season. I babysat Friday night overnight so I did not make it downtown at 7:15 in the morn on Saturday to run in the freezing cold (fine by me) so I headed to my trusty treadmill. 5 miles was a piece-o-cake and afterwards S and I went to the HUGE exercise room to do some circuit training. I love S to death but when it comes to circuit training… she is a BEAST. We did lunges and squats and she paused in the middle of each one to yell at me to squat lower. And this was after she did 45 minutes on the crazy stair stepping machine.

Saturday night S, Ash and I headed out to dinner in the Viagra Triangle (Grandpa this is in the Gold Coast). We went to this swanky restaurant that makes you make reservations for 9:30 and then when you check in at 9:30 they make you wait 45 minutes because they are just seating all the 9:00 reservations. My question was why didn’t you just give us a 10:00 reservation? But I guess that is too square. Luckily there is this drink called Wine and the time passed quickly. Dinner was fun, filled with our regular conversations that tend to be to R rated to type. Unfortunately Ash had a minor out of body experience and was unable to drink the rest of the night.

We ended up at the bar and listened to an AWESOME cover band called: Spoken Four, and our toast to meeting new men was unsuccessful… except Ash met this cute guy who turned out to live DIRECTLY behind her. Very bizarre. And his name was Adam (same as the guy she is trying to replace). Also very bizarre. But he had amazing dimples… do I really have to say anymore?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take Off Your Coat… Stay Awhile

Hey! How are you??? Thought I would catch you up on my life since I know you all check my blog everyday with baited breath…

Let’s start with my running. Basically it has been pretty non-existent this past week. There is this thing called “Hustle up the Hancock” that I signed up for about 3 months ago after a co-worker was telling me about it. Basically you run up 50 something flights of stairs and then you get a medal. Sounds great right??? So I was all excited about it and called up S and got her to sign up for it too. Then I remembered one crucial thing. I HATE stairs. LOATHE THEM. I almost quit my job when I found out my cube was on the second floor. Get the idea? So anyways… last week S and I were talking and realized that the “hustle” was in TWO weeks! So we joined a gym for 2 weeks and have been climbing stairs ever since. And you know how I complain about time almost standing still when I use the treadmill??? Well the revolving stair-climber thingy at the gym… it is 100000000 times WORSE. I swear on my life each second takes 4 seconds. It is horrible. And what’s worse is yesterday I was doing my 25 minutes on the machine and I look over and see the woman next to me has been on her machine for almost an hour (crazy bitch) so I ask her

“Crazy Bitch how have you been on this devil machine for so long?”

She laughed and we got to talking and she told me last year she trained for the “hustle” and would do the devil machine for an hour and then run 6 miles on the treadmill. And guess what? She still thought she was going to die at the top. I had only one word to say to that…


As soon as the “hustle” is over I have to start running hard core. My next half is in less than three months and it is going to be a doosey. Take a look at the website and the elevation and the pictures of people with bloody knees. Yea that’s right… BLOODY knees. Nice. But I am excited because everyone that finishes get a medal, and if you haven’t noticed yet… I really like medals.

Moving on… next there is my career. I FINALLY started my new job yesterday. Not much to discuss yet, but I have a new cube, a new team, and way different responsibilities. Two days down and I am still liking it so that’s good. Today I got to help put a bed sample together… and then on Friday we are going to sit down as a team and name all the new product for the next season. So here is another fact about me that you might not know. If I could choose any job in the word I would be a Namer. I am not sure if that is an official title for the position but I would love for my entire job to be naming streets and nail polish colors. So naming bedroom furniture and occasional tables is pretty damn cool.

Lastly there is my love life. NYE Guy has been calling and texting and I have been as non responsive as I can possibly be and he is not getting it. I have no idea what to do. Ok I know I need to call him and be like “Hey NYE Guy… your lame.” But I feel like that is way to harsh and he is genuinely a nice guy. Just a boring and lame nice guy… who screams like a girl.

Next there is Jason. S and I have renamed him Shady Jay and that is how I will refer to him from now on. So if the name doesn’t give him away… I will elaborate. First the history of me and him. (If I am related to you… feel free to STOP reading at any point) I met Shady Jay the summer I turned 21. Let’s just say that summer I was very drunk and semi promiscuous. He had bought me a drink earlier in the night. We sang to BANANAs and I made out with this guy from Louisiana. Even still Shady Jay offered to drive my friends and me home and asked for my number. We hung out for the last few weeks of the summer… he added a notch to my belt… and then I went back to school for my senior year. Soon after that the EX and I started dating again. The next summer when the EX was on a stupid trip with his friends I went out to a bar and met up with Shady Jay. There was HUGE chemistry between us and I came the closest I ever came to cheating on the EX. So I decided that hanging out with Shady Jay was not smart.

Fast-forward to 6 months ago when the EX and I broke up and my thing with Shady Jay started up again. Totally confused? Well too bad.

So basically every few weeks/months I hang out with Shady Jay in the bar, get drunk and make out with him. And he has this friend who when he gets drunk basically will tell you everything about himself and anyone around him. He has informed me that Shady Jay has an on again off again girlfriend. But everyone hates her and he never takes her out. I am completely against cheating in a relationship I am involved in. I will NEVER cheat on a guy I am dating and if you ever cheat on me you are out the door faster than you can say BUT. However… this is Shady Jay’s business. I am not looking for a relationship with him. He does things that I am not looking for in a guy. But I really like to hook up with him so that’s that.

Now that you all are caught up I will wrap up this post. Sorry if it was all over the place but hopefully it did its purpose.

Enough Already

I am officially sick of the snow. I get it clouds... I know it is winter... you do NOT have to remind me with the snow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 Runs in ONE Post??? Holy COW!

Since I have not started a new training schedule… I have no “scheduled” runs. I have decided until 2/17/08 I am going to just run what I feel like running.

Actual: 3.6 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Pace: 11:11 minutes/mile

I slept in a little on Saturday morning and then made my way to the gym. Its funny how less crowded the gym is already and its only the beginning of February. Goodbye New Years Resolutions…

Actual: 4.25 miles (4 miles + .25 CD)
Time: 46:32 minutes
Pace:10:50ish minutes/mile

Even though I am just running to run, Monday when I hopped on the treadmill I wanted to run at least 4 miles. There were a TON of people at my company’s gym and all the treadmills were being used when I got there. I open the gym on Monday’s (can you tell I was running a little late) so I basically get paid to work out and do a load of laundry. Because of this, I can’t kick a paying customer off the treadmill so that I can run for $12.50 an hour. But I got the 4 miles in plus a little so I can’t complain.

Actual: 5.25 miles
Time: 57 minutes (5 miles =.25 mile CD)
Pace: 10:45ish minutes/mile

After work I hit the treadmill. Ran 5.25 miles. Hopped off and drove home in the sleet. End of post.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recovery Run

Scheduled: Recovery?
Actual: 3 miles

Bonnie and I took advantage of the beautiful beach we were staying at in Naples and ran 1.5 miles out and back on the sand. It was hard... but my legs felt good for 2 days post race and my knee didn't hurt at all. Not much else to say about that except for the ocean was gorgeous and I wish I lived somewhere warm...
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