Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleep Running

Scheduled: 9 miles
Actual: 9 miles
Pace: 12:45 minutes/mile

Thursday I took a half-day at work and drove down with my dad and step mom to see my brother performance of “A New Brain”. He rocked as always…but I did not get back to my house until 3 in the morning and then still went into work ON TIME Friday. Work sucked and it too all I could to not pull my chair out and take a nap under my desk. So what do I do instead? I decide it will be smarter to run my scheduled 9 miles after work instead of Saturday morning. Smart right?

After work I threw on my running clothes and ran. Luckily it was nice enough to run outside, however my hands would not warm up and towards the end when I had to re-tie my shoe it felt like my hands belonged to a 97-year-old arthritic woman… not good at all. The run itself was not bad considering my lack of sleep and full day of work. I walked up a hill during mile 7 but other than that my pace stayed slow and steady.

The closer I come to my next half marathon the more I am trying to accept the fact I will have to walk… a lot. There is no good way to practice the hills and the weather has not been nice enough to run the trails up over the border. I still plan on running it the best I can but I’m not sure my time will be all that stellar. But who knows? Maybe trail and hill running is my forte and I just don’t know it. Right…

Also, it needs to be Spring pronto. I am so fucking sick of the cold damp Chicago weather, and the snow needs to go away. Seriously.

An Ode to the Bro

You did an amazing job in “A New Brain”. Your comedic timing and stage presence never ceases to impress me and your skinny legs look great in a girdle and tights. I can not wait to see you in your next production. PLUS your new girlfriend is super sweet and cute.


Page Six

Attention Attention... This JUST in...

My very bestest friend in the whole world, who has asked to remain anonymous, "got IT on" with a professional arena football player (MULTIPLE TIMES) this weekend.

Congratulations! We love you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Scheduled: 40 minutes
Actual: 4 miles
Pace:11:38 minutes/mile

S came and met me after work and we ran outside near my office. Tempature wise it was beautiful outside... BUT it was so windy I felt as though I was going to get blown off the road. S and I couldn't even run in a straight line. As we were running there were birds suspended in air flapping their wings as hard as they could to get to the next tree to no avail. The run itself was good though. Even with the wind we average a good pace per mile (my watch is downstairs so I am not sure of the exact pace right now) and we even did this giant hill three times up and down.

Unfortunately S is allergic to running and broke out in a rash...

Crap Day

Scheduled: 30 minutes
Actual: 3.1 miles
Time: 34:10 minutes
Pace: 11:00 minutes/mile

I am running in a race this Sunday so instead of running my longer weekday run Monday I swapped it for a shorter one. Yes I can do that. This run felt really good. It wasn't too fast, but my pace stayed steady and I wasn't constantly looking at the clock on the wall. It is always refreshing to have a good run after a crappy one... even if the distance is nothing to brag about.

The Treadmill Beat Me

Scheduled: 6 miles
Actual: 5.5 miles
Time: 1:10:50 minutes
Pace: not good

Saturday I decided to sleep in and go to the gym around noon. Well I woke up to about 10 inches of snow on the ground and because I am SUCH a nice daughter I helped my mom shovel. It sucked. It was that super heavy, makes you break your back, heart attack snow. Needless to say I was exhausted when it was all done. But I still got in the car and headed to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill and even though I was watching Ella Enchanted, I just couldn't finish the 6 miles. I was already walking a lot and so I threw in the towel and went home.

Yes I know. I am LAME.

Saturday night Alex was in town so we reverted back to our "summer of sin" and hit the bars in downtown Highwood. We bar crawled down the street and ended up at the same bar as Shady Jay (not on purpose he was just there). We said hey to each other and that was it for the rest of the night. He was dancing with some slutty girl and I was mingling with all the people I knew. But in the back of my mind I was still kind of pissed. I mean I do not care if he is dancing with someone else because I was not nearly drunk enough to feel comfortable to dance in that bar. And he doesn't have to talk to me all night because we aren't seeing each other. But at least give me a little attention. (side note: Shady Jay came over Thursday night and we made out like high schoolers in his car in my driveway...) Anyways, Alex and I left the bar a little before closing and at 2:10 am I get a call from Shady Jay.

Shady Jay: What are you doing?
Me: Are you serious?
Shady Jay: Yes I am serious.
Me: Shady Jay, you basically ignored me the whole time we were at the bar.
Shady Jay: No I didn't

I realize he is pretty smashed and there is no use arguing so I say whatever... there is some static and then he hangs up.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Run Jaime Run

Scheduled: 50 minutes
Actual: 5 miles
Time: 57:45 minutes
Pace: 11:35 minutes/mile

This was a treadmill run after work on Monday. The good news is that it felt really good and the treadmill was not that bad. The bad news is this is my only run so far this week and it is Friday. And the next half is in less than 35 days...

Can someone please kick my ass into gear?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Here I am

Here's a quick recap of my past twoish weeks since I am not really in the mood to elaborate...

1. New haircut. Very short. How short you ask? So short it will have to grow out for 8 years before I will be able to put it in a ponytail again. No joke.

2. I have been running. I've had a bunch of four milers, a few five milers and then Saturday I ran 8 miles in Lake Forest with my co-worker who will be running my next half with me. We got in some hills which was nice... but our pace was pretty slow due to lots of gossiping.

3. I wore some AMAZING shoes Saturday night. Suede, Peep-toe, Slim Wedge, Green... they are beautiful, but I thought I was going to have to amputate both feet by the end of the night.

4. Shady Jay called me both nights this weekend and even left messages. I have decided to play a little harder to get so I did not meet up. Instead Ash, Adj's sister and I all made out with randoms on the dance floor Saturday night. It was well needed.

5. My brother is currently in Mexico on Spring Break and I have decided to write a proposal at work to bring back Spring Break. I'm guessing it won't be received very well... but fingers crossed.

6. I finished the book I was reading, Water for Elephants, and would recommend it to all.

I am making a pack right now that I will get back into this blogging thing. March has been pretty lame.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now You See it... Now You Don't

I need to vent.

Since the EX and I have broken up I have not spoken to him. The first time around when we broke up I would drunk dial him, sober dial him, write him emails… I think you get the point… but this time NOTHING. We have exchanged only two emails. The first was me asking for all of my stuff back and him replying that it was already all in a suitcase at his mom’s to pick up as soon as possible. The second one was mid January, when I knew he was starting his final semester, to wish him good luck… to which I never received a response.

No contact since September.

You are not allowed to judge me for what I am about to reveal, because I know you secretly do it too.

I still look at his profile on Facebook… (Hangs head low)

And today I saw he removed himself from any photo that he was in with me. This may not seem like a big deal, but I feel like I have been completely erased. I think it is so fucked up. Why is that necessary?? I just don’t understand. It makes me so angry that this was someone who I loved and he and I had a huge past. We were together for SIX fucking years, and it is almost as though he is not even a partial speck of the person he used to be.

And what upsets me the most is the fact that it upsets me. Why does he still affect me??? Why can’t he just disappear from my memory like I have from his? Why didn’t he call me to see how my marathon went seeing I was with him during my entire training? Why couldn’t he be honest with me about why he wanted to break up? Why can’t I remove his number from my phone even though I know it by heart??? It is just all so fucked up.

But I am taking baby steps…

I removed him as a friend on Facebook.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Scheduled: 40 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 7 miles… take your pick I did not run a single one of them
Actual: 3 miles
Time: 32:53 minutes
Pace: 10:58 minutes/mile

Why didn’t I run all week you ask? Mainly because I just was not in the mood to run. And then on Thursday S and I had a free training session at Bally’s, which left me with shooting pain in my upper thigh. NOT muscle soreness, but more like someone was stabbing me in the leg with a knife and then twisting. It was ridiculously painful and there was no way I was going to be able to run 7 miles. So I didn’t.

To get slightly off the subject let’s talk about how much I disliked the personal training at Bally’s. Since S and I trained at the same time, while one of us pumped iron on the machine the other one did other activities to keep our heart rate up. Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have very large breasts. Keep this in mind as the trainer had us in the middle of the weight room allowing for HUNDREDS of people to watch me nearly give myself two black eyes as I am “trying to jump as high as I can” over and over again. Very embarrassing. But I digress.

Yesterday I decided I had no choice but to run through the pain because it was the most beautiful March 2nd weather any Chicagoan could ask for. 40 degrees!!! I ran in shorts and smelled the wonderful damp air that smells like melting snow and spring. Unfortunately the run only lasted 3 miles because my legs hurt more than the weather was nice. March is a new month and I am promising myself I will run every single one of my training runs. My half marathon is in less than two months and I need to be as in shape as I can be due to the terrain. No more not wanting to run, because quite frankly I never WANT to run… it’s just something I have to do.

And have I mentioned I really REALLY need to move out? Because I do. PRONTO.
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