Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Summertime

Scheduled: 9 miles
Actual: 8.75 miles plus some walking for a cool down
Time: 1:54:21

Since I am moving on Tuesday I decided to move my long run to this morning so I can concentrate on packing this weekend. I got up at 5 am and was out the door 15 minutes later. It was so amazingly humid outside my entire body became one huge running sweat ball. But i got the miles in. I weighed myself before my run... drank 2 bottles of water during my run... and still lost 3 pounds. I wish it was always that easy.

Another super boring post... but at least I sat down and typed it right?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's finally raining

So last night we actually did go see a movie... in the theater.

Exactly on time Shady Jay showed up at my house, said hi to my mom and off we went to the movies. On the way to the movie he asked me about my upcoming move and even asked if I needed any help. He also paid for my movie ticket.

After the movie I invited him in and we were in the basement watching TV.

*Warning if you are a member of my family you may want to stop reading now*

One thing led to another and lets just say my almost one year anniversary of becoming a born again may have led me to be slightly more "aggresive" then I normally would be. Its nothing that Shady Jay nor I have not done together before so thats my justification for being slightly slutty.

Today Ash and I were texting about my previous nights activities...

Me: So is it bad that it happened?
Ash: Not at all... Now we can call you Shady Jai-me

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll believe it when I see it...

So I haven't seen Shady Jay in awhile. We have exchanged a few text messages here and there and 2 weeks ago when The Happening came out I asked him if he wanted to go with me. The timing didn't work out and we never met up. This morning I get a text message from him...

Shady Jay: Did you see The Happening yet?
Me: Not yet.
Shady Jay: 8pm tonight if u want or get smart
Me: Id see either. You picking me up?
Shady Jay: Cool 730
Me: cool

I am still skeptical. After all this is SHADY Jay. But then I get this message a few minutes ago...

Shady Jay: Be there at 745. Movie is at 805

Has Shady Jay turned a non-shady leaf? I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smooth Sailing

Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 5.1 miles
Time: 55 minutes
Pace: 11 minutes/mile

I rocked this run. Finally I had a good run. My legs didn't feel like lead, my stomach didn't give me any problems, I just jumped on the treadmill and ran the shit out of it. Felt really good.

Afterwards I did 8-minute abs (yea the one where they are all wearing unitards) and my abs were burning at the end.

All and all an excellent workout.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 3 miles
Time: 34:50
Pace: 11:39 min/mile

I have been exhausted lately. My runs come and go and I make excuses for not running them, or not completing all the mileage. This morning my alarm went off and after snoozing for 30 minutes I dragged my ass out of bed and got dressed. Since I didn't have enough time to run the whole 5 miles anymore I decided to run slightly faster then I normally would have for a shorter distance. Let me tell you it was WARM out. Even at 6:50 in the a.m. it was very warm. The dog and I tried to keep up the pace but I ended up walking 4 times. 1 minute after mile 1, 1 minute after mile 2 and then twice for 30 seconds during the 3rd mile. Even so my pace was pretty fast...

I dropped the dog off inside and did my post run stretch. When I walked back into the house he is sprawled out on the floor with his front paws straight forward and his back paws straight back with his tongue hanging way out to the side. So cute. He was exhausted.

A funny story to see you off...

Brian (the brother) and I went to get dinner tonight. As we were in the parking lot trying to get into a spot this car pulled down the center of the isle and stopped to let people off. Even though they looked straight at us the two people who got out stood there talking to the people in the car.

Me: Can you believe how rude they are???

Brian: The one on the left... his dad is now his mom. I'm cutting him some slack.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend has been all over the place.

Friday night Ash, S and I went to Boystown to meet up with some friends. The three of took down most of a handle of Captain before we left the house. Needless to say the three of us were feeling quite nice. After countless ANTM poses and some booty shaking, we hopped in the cab and headed to the bar.

The bar itself was a fun time. At first we were given some dirty looks, but once we found our friends I enjoyed myself. Unfortunately then the puking started. LUCKILY it was not me puking but for the next 12 hours I saw more puking than I have seen in a while. First there was Amber, Adj’s roommate from college puking in the bathroom of the bar. Then while they took her home, Ash, S and I put back a few more drinks with led to S puking in the bathroom at the bar.

S and I went back to Ash’s apartment and passed out. In the morning Ash vomited… A LOT. My favorite time was while we were driving home I had to pull over onto the shoulder and she puked on the Kennedy for 10 minutes. (Poor Ash). Then she did it again at my house.

Saturday night however, everyone was feeling better and we went to James Taylor at Ravinia. The concert was great and JT played a lot of cover songs as well as his own. The entire time it was lightening and thundering but the rain held off. By the second encore Ash, s and I were dancing all over the place… I brought all my moves.

And finally on a semi sad yet shows you the type of guys I attract note…

At Boystown Ash and I were talking to this guy. I basically only remember a few sentences of the conversation of which I learned he was bisexual and over thirty. Neither of these traits would lead me to give out my phone number but the next day I get a phone call from a number I don’t recognize.

Jaime: Hello?

Bi-Thirtysomething Guy: heyitschrisfromthebarlastnightIwasjustcallingtoseehowtherestofyournightwentandIwantedtoseeifyouwantedtocometoribfestwithmetomorrowitsinmyneighborhoodandIgoeveryyearbutI can’tgotonightbecauseIhavetoworktonightwhichkindasucksbutifyouwanttocomedowntomorrow wecangoanditwillbealotoffuncanyourbelievethiswentone foralmostfiveminutes?

Jaime: Um…hi.

I guess this might be slightly higher on my scale then guy who screams like a five year old girl in the middle of a scary movie, but maybe night quite as high as the the ex yo-yo champ

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweat Sweet

Scheduled: 7 miles
Actual: 5.25 miles
Time: 1 hour
Pace: 11: 25 minutes/mile

Before I started my workout this morning I decided I would run for an hour and see how I felt. So I ran for an hour, felt really tired and stopped. This has been a long, fun, stressful weekend, so 5.25 miles is fine with me. The weather the past few days has been not only very hot, BUT also very humid. Today I ran at the gym and was STILL sweating my ass off. It is officially summer in Chicago and that means I really need to pick up my long runs and in 3 weeks I will be able to leave my front door and run to the lakefront. SO excited!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

belated birthday pic

Ash, Mal, S and Me (wish it had been less smokey)

Again! Again!

Last weekend I did what almost every woman did. I saw Sex and the City. Seeing it made me sad… There will officially never be another episode of Sex and the City.


But it got me thinking about television shows that I could watch over and over again and never tire of. So here is my list of top four shows that I wish I owned on DVD so I could watch them until the disk scratched. Shows that I can’t pick a favorite episode of… because every episode is my favorite.

1. Sex and the City. I became hooked on this show my sophomore year of college. It seemed as though every single girl in my sorority house owned the complete series on DVD and I went from never seeing an episode to watching entire seasons in a single day. Unfortunately now it is on cable channels like TBS and WGN and all of the good parts are modified or cut-out. It’s quite sad actually. I will always wish I can have Carrie’s closet and shoe collection. And even though most people hate him, I wouldn’t mind a Mr. Big.

2. The Girls Next Door. I have watched this show from the beginning. My mom used to make fun of me every time it was on, until the day she sat down and watched an episode and now she is just as hooked as I am. Every episode makes me laugh out loud and sometimes we rewind scenes and watch them at least 10 times in a row.

3. Friends. Once again I never saw this show in real time. I actually was anti-Friends until I went to college and Mondays thru Fridays depending on what television station you watched you could see up to 4 straight hours of re-runs in a row. Needless to say I was hooked. There are countless times that episodes can be referenced in real life. For example I plan to make sure I “pivot” when I move my furniture next month, and never count by “Mississippi’s” when I am in a spray tan booth. Sigh. I will never tire of quoting this show.

4. Gilmore Girls. I love this show. I want to live in Stars Hollow and date Jess and laugh at Paris. I want to meet Luke and eat Sookie’s food and be Rory. I was so unbelievably sad when this show ended. I’m not sure what else I can say except I wish it was still on.

So in my head this post was much more exciting than it turned out, but I would love to hear your favorite shows…


United Race for the Zoo 10K
Distance: 6.28 miles (according to my Garmin)
Official time: 1:13:34
Pace: 11:45 minutes/mile

After only sleeping 3 hours the night before I woke up at 5:45, got ready, and went to pick up S. We drove to Adj’s and the three of us plus Adj’s boyfriend Ryan drove down to Lincoln Park Zoo for the race. The 5K started to 8 and we watched the runners pass before toeing the line at 8:20 for the 10K. The weather was beautiful. Warm but not humid, sunny and clear. The first three-quarters of a mile were through the zoo. We ran past the polar bears, warthogs, bears, and lots of birds. Even though our pace for the first mile was just under 11 minutes/mile we were almost the back of the pack. My guess is that the slower runners ran in the 5k?

The race headed out of the zoo and onto my beloved lakefront running path. Online the course map said we would head north until just past the totem pole. Well the online course map was wrong. We ran almost as far north as Montrose and then circled a park to head back South to the zoo. Adj and Ryan zoomed ahead of us from the start but around mile 4, the pace S and I were keeping started to get to me and I needed to slow down. Even though she could have run ahead, S is such a good friend and slowed down so she could stay with me. The last mile included 2 bridges that I walked up, but ran down. Even with walking my pace stayed under 12 minutes/mile and I finished my first 10K. Since it was my first it is officially my PR.

After the race, the four of us walked around the zoo. I have not been to the zoo for many years, but the zoo kinda sucks… Many of the exhibits were missing animals, they don’t have elephants (not sure you can be called a zoo without elephants) and I had to basically climb the fence into the giraffe cage to see the reflection of the giraffe in a window. Ryan tried his giraffe mating call to lure it towards us, unfortunately it didn’t work.

All in all this was an excellent Sunday with racing and friends.
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