Wednesday, July 29, 2009

morning run

Scheduled: just wake up and run
Actual: 2.85 miles
Time: Not sure my Garmin died

Today is the first day of mine and Neighbor Tom's Operation Get Fit/Eat Better/Workout/Look Better in Pictures We Take in Seattle Which is Only 2 Months Away!!! I'm kinda bummed because this run felt way longer, but it is still a start. My goal for the rest of the day is to stay away from bread and snacking. Very do-able.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Grooming and the CTA. Is there some sort of unspoken rule that it is okay to cut your nails on the CTA? Twice I have been in a situation where someone sitting near me on the El or on the bus has been trimming their long ass nails. When did this become socially acceptable? WHEN?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reason 7,294

Why I need a breast reduction...

On Wednesday night Neighbor Tom and I went to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill and got in 4.15 miles with 3 half mile fast intervals. When I got home to shower I realized that I had a huge bruise on my chest, near my armpit from my breasts bouncing out of control during the run.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome Back

This is a call to action. Jaime get your ass off that couch and hit the pavement, or treadmill belt, or at the very least the bike seat. You have been a fat ass slacker for too long and now you are going to take control.

Hell yea.

Today I got also received some motivation from Lou to maybe make a little effort to start blogging again. There has been a ton going on in my life, which eventually I will get around to updating my 4 followers, but not today. Sorry.

Last night we went out for a birthday party celebrating Adj, her roommate from college Julie, and their friend Zach’s birthdays. The night started at a BYOB sushi restaurant with 8 bottles of wine for 9 people, and then we went out in Boystown, which was full of rum and drag queens.

We are at one of the bars and I am chatting with Julie. Julie is getting married September, and although I am friendly with her, we are not invite each other to wedding close. But this is the conversation we had. While reading, please imagine that these words were said with a slur.

Julie: I totally want you to come to my Bachelorette party. You’re coming right? It’s going to be such a fun time.

Me: Yes of course I will be there!

Julie: And I want you to come to my wedding too! There are a lot of people that won’t be able to come so I want you to come!

Me: Julie I would be on the B list of your wedding list any day…

So this entry is slightly lame, but I am a little rusty. Give me a chance, I promise to be more entertaining next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How easy I forget...

A few months back I got an email reminder about Hustle up the Hancock. Since my running has been very on and off I decided the Hustle would be something non-running related that I could train for and get excited about. So S and I signed up to hustle up 52 flights. Again.

Today I hit the gym to start training on the relvoving staircase. The second I stepped on it all came back and hit me like a... revolving staircase? I HATE STAIRS. What the hell was I thinking? Was I somehow drugged at the end of the hustle to be able to forget about the horribleness that is stairs? The twenty minutes was pure torture. My lungs burned, my calves screamed. If it wasn't for the young child on the eliptical next to me I would have been cursing out loud.

Sidenote... is it really necesary to go to the gym when you are a small child?? It totally disturbs me.

Anyways, I am now counting down the days until the hustle is behind me. And I am going to set a calendar reminder in outlook for next year, when I forget how much I hate stairs, that I do. FUCK YOU STAIRS.

P.S. I signed up for the Illinois Half Marathon in April...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ash and I grabbed Mexican food for dinner tonight. When the check came Ash and I both put in our credit cards and I handed the book to the waiter. His response...

Gracias Senor.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


Scheduled: 9 miles
Actual: 9 miles
Time: 1:54:33
Pace: 12:45 minutes/mile

This run was a painful one. The arch on my right foot felt as though someone was stabbing a knife into it. It started only during the walk breaks so at mile 3 and a halfish miles I turned around and decided that I was going to try and run the rest of the way in and see how I felt since running wasn’t bothering my foot as much. Well after about half a mile my foot started to hurt during running too. So I started to walk a little. One of the wonderful CES coaches saw me walking and came over and walked about three quarters of a mile while we discussed my pain and frustrations. I left him and ran it back to the start. I still had 2 miles to get the total mileage so I just ran around the park twice and then around the block and then limped back to my coat.

Hopefully I just need to get some new shoes and this was just a fluckish pain in my foot. I’m running 50 minutes in the morning so we’ll see. If not then I will be heading over to the running store for some new kicks.
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