Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How easy I forget...

A few months back I got an email reminder about Hustle up the Hancock. Since my running has been very on and off I decided the Hustle would be something non-running related that I could train for and get excited about. So S and I signed up to hustle up 52 flights. Again.

Today I hit the gym to start training on the relvoving staircase. The second I stepped on it all came back and hit me like a... revolving staircase? I HATE STAIRS. What the hell was I thinking? Was I somehow drugged at the end of the hustle to be able to forget about the horribleness that is stairs? The twenty minutes was pure torture. My lungs burned, my calves screamed. If it wasn't for the young child on the eliptical next to me I would have been cursing out loud.

Sidenote... is it really necesary to go to the gym when you are a small child?? It totally disturbs me.

Anyways, I am now counting down the days until the hustle is behind me. And I am going to set a calendar reminder in outlook for next year, when I forget how much I hate stairs, that I do. FUCK YOU STAIRS.

P.S. I signed up for the Illinois Half Marathon in April...

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RBR said...

BEAST! 52 flights of stairs?! Total madness my dear, total madness!

Good luck!

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