Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run to Rosehill

Scheduled: 6 miles
Actual: 4 mile Historical Run and then another 1.5 miles afterwards. (total 5.5 miles)
Time: Forgot my watch
Pace: Please see above

Today was my first day back to running since I had my leg carved and stitched. I signed up for a free run through Fleet Feet. Each month they have a historic run through Chicago. These runs are between 4-6 miles and there a multiple stops along the way where the leader talks about historical things that happened there. This months run told the history of Lincoln Square and Edgewater as well as Rosehill Cemetery. The run itself is very low key, and we stopped 12 times in 4 miles. All I can say is THANK GOD I chose this run to ease back into running because after being sick all week my lungs were BURNING. The good part was my legs felt super fresh which was nice.

After the run Nikki, one of my running buddies, and I decided to run a little more to get as close to 6 miles as we could. She was super nice to go slow for my sick ass, and we finished with around 5.5 miles under our belts. Definitely glad to be out there running again ESPECIALLY with the unbelievably beautiful day we had today.

So I don't have asthma normally, but I was wheezing HARDCORE for the rest of the afternoon. I better start feeling better soon. I don't understand why I if i had the flu shot it was necessary that I still get the flu. Please explain.

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Lou said...

Hey! Sorry you were sick :(. That's no fun. But I'm glad you're feeling better.

How did you like the Fleet Feet historic run? I have always wanted to try this.

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