Thursday, November 15, 2007

Extra Shift

So today I covered Jack's after work shift at the gym. Since today was a cross training day and I was feeling lazy I decided on the seated bike. 40 minutes went by quickly and I was able to catch up on Britney and all of my other favorite celebrities. When I used to do the eliptical at the gym I would go through 3 or 4 trashy magazines a week... it was nice reconnecting. Maybe I can learn to run and read at the same time. Hey I did master chewing gum and walking, it can't be too much harder.

After work I met S at target and shopped for my team's "adopted" family. I was told to buy sleeper clothes for a 3T. Having no clue what a 3T was we wandered around the baby clothes aisles. Every outfit was cuter than the next... and then it hit me. I will have the best dressed baby in town but will be a very poor mama (good thing that's not happening for a LONG time). Is it bad when I am wishing that 3T came in my size?

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