Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lucky Seven

Scheduled: 7 miles
Actual: 7 miles ON THE DOT
Time: 1:24:50
Pace per mile: 12:07

This run was little harder than I was expecting it to be. The first half I averaged 11:55 min/mile but the second half I was running into the wind and seriously lacking in fuel and slowed to about 12:20 min/mile pace. Tyson now has a PR for mileage though. I’m not sure about you but my guess would be that not any average dog could go run 7 miles AND still be hyper when they got home. That’s why my dog is “special”.

Saturday night I went out with my Cuz and her boyfriend to a bar in Wicker Park. I am not going to spend very much energy talking about the bar because to be perfectly honest it was nothing to waste my breath about. BUT I will say this… I really can’t stand people who are Yuppy, but want you to think they are BoHo. Who are you kidding??? When your outfit looks like you are trying too hard, you probably are. YOUR NOT FOOLING ME! Although I would like to give props to the guy wearing the shirt saying “I bring nothing to the table”

Also, when did smoking cigs become cool again? I must have missed that memo.

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