Monday, March 17, 2008

Here I am

Here's a quick recap of my past twoish weeks since I am not really in the mood to elaborate...

1. New haircut. Very short. How short you ask? So short it will have to grow out for 8 years before I will be able to put it in a ponytail again. No joke.

2. I have been running. I've had a bunch of four milers, a few five milers and then Saturday I ran 8 miles in Lake Forest with my co-worker who will be running my next half with me. We got in some hills which was nice... but our pace was pretty slow due to lots of gossiping.

3. I wore some AMAZING shoes Saturday night. Suede, Peep-toe, Slim Wedge, Green... they are beautiful, but I thought I was going to have to amputate both feet by the end of the night.

4. Shady Jay called me both nights this weekend and even left messages. I have decided to play a little harder to get so I did not meet up. Instead Ash, Adj's sister and I all made out with randoms on the dance floor Saturday night. It was well needed.

5. My brother is currently in Mexico on Spring Break and I have decided to write a proposal at work to bring back Spring Break. I'm guessing it won't be received very well... but fingers crossed.

6. I finished the book I was reading, Water for Elephants, and would recommend it to all.

I am making a pack right now that I will get back into this blogging thing. March has been pretty lame.


Lou said...

I remember when I used to make out with random dudes on dance floors -- like last year :). Now I'm too damn old and tired to make it out on St. Patty's Day. And that's one of the high holidays of drinking and debauchery. What's happened to me? Enjoy your freedom girlfriend.

L Sass said...

Those shoes sound gorgeous!

Beauty is pain, right?

Ashley said...

Hahaha - we need to leave right now. My feet are killing me. Are you ready to leave? WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!! I hope it was worth it. We left a great dance circle.

I actually went on a date with my random make out, and it went pretty well. I'll update during dinner this week.

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