Monday, March 3, 2008


Scheduled: 40 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 7 miles… take your pick I did not run a single one of them
Actual: 3 miles
Time: 32:53 minutes
Pace: 10:58 minutes/mile

Why didn’t I run all week you ask? Mainly because I just was not in the mood to run. And then on Thursday S and I had a free training session at Bally’s, which left me with shooting pain in my upper thigh. NOT muscle soreness, but more like someone was stabbing me in the leg with a knife and then twisting. It was ridiculously painful and there was no way I was going to be able to run 7 miles. So I didn’t.

To get slightly off the subject let’s talk about how much I disliked the personal training at Bally’s. Since S and I trained at the same time, while one of us pumped iron on the machine the other one did other activities to keep our heart rate up. Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have very large breasts. Keep this in mind as the trainer had us in the middle of the weight room allowing for HUNDREDS of people to watch me nearly give myself two black eyes as I am “trying to jump as high as I can” over and over again. Very embarrassing. But I digress.

Yesterday I decided I had no choice but to run through the pain because it was the most beautiful March 2nd weather any Chicagoan could ask for. 40 degrees!!! I ran in shorts and smelled the wonderful damp air that smells like melting snow and spring. Unfortunately the run only lasted 3 miles because my legs hurt more than the weather was nice. March is a new month and I am promising myself I will run every single one of my training runs. My half marathon is in less than two months and I need to be as in shape as I can be due to the terrain. No more not wanting to run, because quite frankly I never WANT to run… it’s just something I have to do.

And have I mentioned I really REALLY need to move out? Because I do. PRONTO.


Laughing through my chardonnay said...

We all get in those excercise ruts. It happens, as long as you bounce back all is good.

My trainer can be quite a dick too. Every time I come in, whether or not I am meeting with him, he does this head to toe scan of me then shakes his head disapproingly. Dick.

Lastly, I made the mistake of aggreeing to run a marathon with my dad in the fall. Pointers? HELP!

L Sass said...

I just started training for a 10-Miler in May and I needed some motivation. I think running distance races appeals to those of us who need a no-excuses kick in the butt to exercise.

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