Sunday, April 13, 2008

Racin' to Wrigley

Race To Wrigley
Distance: 5K
Official Time: 33:23 minutes
Pace: 10:46 minutes/mile
Place Overall: 1674/2009

Last Thanksgiving my dad and I ran in the Turkey Trot and it was the first snow of the year. This morning we ran in the Race to Wrigley and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) it was in the last snow of the year. The good thing was my dad and I got to run in another race together… the bad part was it was freezing. But the race finished running through Wrigley Field and that was pretty cool. We started the first half-mile or so together and then I decided to pick up the pace a little.

If you recall last time we raced together I stayed with him the whole time and his chip time was a few seconds faster then mine. I needed to even the score… not that I am bitter still…

I finished with a respectable time for me (I have to look it up but this may be my fastest 5K in a while) and after I crossed the line I felt great. Not like I had been kicked in the lungs, which was also great. My dad’s goal was to finish in under 37:00 minutes and he finished in 36:53 (pace: 11:54 minutes/mile and 1871/2009). All in all this was a great race, which I plan on running again next year.

On that note, it is officially race season in Chicago and I plan on getting in a whole bunch more 5, 8 and 10K’s and my goal is to break 32:00 minutes for a 5K. Oh and just a reminder that my next half marathon is in less then 14 days I am feeling grossly unprepared… oy.


Lou said...

Congrats on your PR!

L Sass said...

Yay!! I need a good 5K to kick my butt in gear sometime soon.

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