Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shamrock Shufflin'

Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle
Distance: 8k (just under 5 miles)
Official Time: 1:01:34
Place Overall: 21010/22575

A few months back I decided that it would be really fun for S, Adj, Ash, Megan and me to run the Shamrock Shuffle together. I didn’t care if they didn’t like running, because I thought it would we could all together that didn’t involve eating or drinking. They all signed up, some more nervous than others, and I made them a training schedule so come race day they wouldn’t freak out. I heard some bitching, moaning and freaking out up until race day but everyone was there with me toeing the line (well maybe not quite “the line” since it took almost 30 minutes to cross the start). I really enjoyed the race. We ran on some of the marathon course… which left me kind of bitter… but what can you do? I love running big races and turning a corner or hitting a downhill and all you can see is a sea of people running in front of you. It always amazes me how many runners of all shapes and sizes there are, and it helps make me feel like I fit in more. My time was totally fine with me. I wasn’t really racing; I was enjoying the race. Next year though… watch out. I plan on being smoking fast.


Lou said...

I thought the point of racing was so we could all eat and drink together afterwards?

L Sass said...

I am so excited to run this one next year!!

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