Friday, August 22, 2008


You know it is a successful bar crawl when…

- 4 bars turns into 7 in the same amount of time
- The first 2 bars serve German beer only
- Pedometers are handed out to all who participate
- Furniture is imitated
- You stumble out of the 3rd bar
- One bar is only for shots
- Birthday balloons are stolen and then chased down and lectured in the middle of the street
- At the final bar you and your friends dance on a miniature dance floor while everyone else watches
- You belly up to the buffet and eat off the platter like it is your own plate
- Laughing a lot
- Pole dancing on other people
- 5 million pictures
- You steal food off of a plate waiting to be served to strangers
- When you steel serving tongs
- Making new friends
- Passing out at 9
- Waking up an hour later and go back out
- Dancing to 90’s rock music
- “tonging” people
- Making out with total strangers (unfortunately not me)
- Seeing a crazy man climb a light post on the walk home
- Drinking for almost 12 hours straight
- Spending a ridiculously fun night with your friends

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment…

and my favorite

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Lou said...

Look at your fancy new layout!

So I read your post and rather than being like "Fun!" I was like, "Shit that must have been a hell of a hangover." It would have been for me anyway.

I'm showing my age. God I'm old.

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