Friday, August 1, 2008


Since I have moved to the city I have been walking everywhere. I love it. I love the whole difference in mentality between the city and the suburbs. When I lived at home I would jump in the car and drive distances that I don't even think twice about not walking in the city.

Yesterday I think I over did it though...

I walked to and from the train (slightly under 2 miles each way) and then I walked to and from yoga (slightly over 2 miles each way) on top of my 90 minute yoga class.

Today I am exhausted.


Lou said...

I think you're crazy. :)

It was fun seeing you last night! I love that yoga class, but the Maddie doesn't seem to teach anywhere else. See you next week.

Lindy said...

you walked two miles from the train? Isn't that what the bus is for?! :)

Stay tuned to my blog for a new transportation announcement in the next week. :)

RBR said...

Thank you so much for the congratulations!

Oh and for the "Confessions" post I would shock and horrify you with the CRAP I watch on TV. The lamer the better.

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