Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So City

Hot town summer in the city…

This past weekend I was SUCH a city gal. After taking a quick run with Ash and sweating my ass off, I hopped on the “L” and rode down to Michigan Avenue to pick up my race packet for the Human Race. Then I was a sweaty sardine on the ride back along with everyone else and their mother who was going to the Cubs game.

S and I walked 12 blocks to lunch with one of S’ softball friends (Mr. Softball) and then to the park where I was planning on reading my book. But guess what I did instead?? I played Frisbee AND catch. And I wasn’t THAT bad!!!

I felt so city. And it gets even better. What else can two city gals do when they are hot sweaty messes? On the way home S and I stopped for Italian Ice of course.

On a semi complete side note that has nothing to do with being SO city but does have to do with playing catch and Frisbee. I would call myself fit. I can run multiple miles at a time and I don’t mind working out. But I never really think of myself as an athlete. Athletes play sports that involve hand eye coordination; athletes have rock hard bods and sweat… A LOT. Well as I was playing Frisbee and catch and even (should I say it?) batted, I FELT like an athlete. And I kind of liked it.

But I digress…

Saturday night S and I met back up with Mr. Softball and his roommates to see 16 Candles play at the Cubbie Bear. Besides sweating my ass off, AGAIN, we danced and sang and *Ahem* drank a lot. And I had a great time. I also kissed a boy. Mr. Softball’s roommate, Long Island Boy. So S, Mr. Softball, Long Island Boy and I went for pizza at 4 in the morning and then headed back to the apartment. I gave out my number and we will see if I hear anything.

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