Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finishing on the 50 yard Line

I am in the blue... I refuse to post any close up pictures because I look like absolute ass in them.


L Sass said...

Everyone looks like a complete ass in running photos!

I have a habit of running with a big, dumb puppy grin on my face. Also, I run in an inefficient, crooked manner. These two things combined mean that I usually look like a special ed kid in my running photos.

Re: your question about my 'hood... I'm living in Evanston, somewhere! (Got to be near campus!)

Lindy said...

in one of my pictures i look as though i have a large, apparently inoperable tumor growing out of my thigh.

Lou said...

Go look at my "other" blog and you'll see what "ass" looks like.

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