Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Some more very exciting news. I am sitting on my couch, watching a re-run of Seinfeld and typing on my NEW laptop. Technically it is my FIRST laptop… but who’s counting? I am sooooooo excited. The problem is now I’m poor. Between the new computer and the cashiers check I just took out to pay the security deposit my checking account is feeling very empty.

Moving on… this week I started training for the Chicago Distance Classic in August. I decided that I was going to use the same training plan I used for the the Miami Half. It forced me to get 2 longerish runs in a week as well as 2 shorterish runs. Besides my knees hurting from training almost solely on the treadmill and then running the race on concrete, I feel like the Miami Half Marathon was my most successful half marathon thus far. It is also exciting that after I complete the CDC I will have completed 4 half marathons in 3 states in exactly ONE year. Pretty cool.

Scheduled: 2 miles
Actual: 2.9 miles
Time: 33 minutes
Pace: 11:25 minutes/mile

I have a problem with waking up early and only running 2 miles so I ran for 30 minutes plus a few minutes for a cool down. My goal for this half training is to actually stretch after I run. So after my short and sweet run I stretched my little heart out. Hopefully I will keep this up.

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L Sass said...

Woohoo, three halves!! I'd love to do Miami some day... and I am seriously considering the Chicago Half in September. (Per Lou's suggestion.)

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