Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Your Information

I have tried to stay away from my stomach "issues" on this blog. In short I am pretty sure I have an undiagnosed food allergy. And when I say food allergy I mean I get sick after almost every meal. Sometimes it is worse than other times but recently it has been worse then ever. I have been reluctant get a food allergy screening, but this evening I had the worst experience I have ever had.

So I am pledging right now that for the next 14 days I will be gluten and dairy free. Yes you heard me right. I am giving up my beloved cheese and glorious bread for at least 2 WHOLE weeks. Something needs to be done... I cannot live like this anymore.

I am also pledging that I will blog once a day to keep myself on track and to bitch and moan about being able to eat basically nothing. I apologize ahead of time to my loyal few readers... I will understand if you decide to move on. Then again it might be fun to read about my misery while you sit back and eat your extra cheese, extra bread, extra anything else I can't eat. P.S. you suck.

On an semi-side note, I was googling gluten free foods and came across an interesting food I CAN eat:

fava bean (faba) Legume. Used whole, cooked as a vegetable or ground into flour. Unrelated to celiac disease, favism is an allergic reaction to fava beans that can be life threatening. Favism is most common in those of Mediterranean descent.


Wish me luck.

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L Sass said...

What a pain! My BFF-NYC went through a similar thing and even though the spartan diet was annoying, it did totally help her solve her stomach issues!! Hope it works for you, too.

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