Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Year in Review

A review of my twenty third year of life:

May: The Ex and I got into a fight because we went to dinner with my family on my actual birthday instead of just the two of us, I decided to run a marathon, drove my brother to the airport so he could go to China, started marathon training with CES, called my grandma on her birthday.

June: Went on a cruise, got so sunburned my legs swelled and I couldn’t wear any pants, met a bunch of really great women through my running group, started my first summer of work where I was not sunbathing as a lifeguard but white as a ghost in a cubical.

July: Ran a 4th of July 5k, ran my first double digit run, celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday, went to my cousin’s wedding, cried because I wasn’t tan and my brother was so tan he looked like he was from a different race.

August: Saw a man have a heart attack on the side of the running path, ran my first half marathon, went to an engagement party for my cousin, saw the EX for the last time, realized that I did not like my job.

September: Broke up with the EX, went to Wisconsin for Labor day and visited the state fair, started going to dinner with the girls, cut 12 inches of my hair and donated it to locks of love, ran 20 miles in one day, got plantar fasciitis, started talking to shady jay again, had my one year anniversary at work, started interviewing for a new position, got a “raise”.

October: Accepted a new position, ran in the bucktown 5k and got great presents, attempted the Chicago Marathon only to have the race cancelled at mile 16.5, cried about the months of training down the drain, visited the brother at school, signed up for the Miami half marathon, went to a Halloween party, threw up from drinking for the second time in my life.

November: Celebrated my brother’s birthday, ran in a thanksgiving day 8k with my dad, wondered when I would get to start my new job, started my blog.

December: Ran outside despite it being DECEMBER, ran 10 miles on the treadmill, went on a 12 bars of Christmas bar crawl, played boggle, went to an ugly sweater Christmas party, walked home from the bar in knee deep snow, met the national yoyo champ from 2005, hung out with Fish, went to a New Year’s Eve concert.

January: Met New Years Eve guy, went on a crappy date, kissed shady jay, smoked, ran the Miami Half Marathon, took a vacation in Boca, saw Aunt Ginger for the last time, ran in the rain.

February: registered for the trail half marathon, didn’t have a valentine, FINALLY started my new job, trained for the hustle up the Hancock, walked up a lot of stairs.

March: tried a personal training session at Bally’s and decided I hated it, de-friended the EX on facebook, got a ridiculously short haircut, cried about my hair for 2 days, made out with a random on the dance floor on St. Patrick’s Day, tried to bring Spring break to corporate America, shoveled a lot of snow multiple times, went on a bar crawl in Highwood, saw the bro in a play, ran in the shamrock shuffle 8k with my girls.

April: fought with my mom about laundry, decided Ash, S and I would move in together, started looking for apartments, joined a gym that has TVs on the treadmills, ran the race to Wrigley with my dad, had a cold, drove to Michigan, ran the Trail half marathon, fell in the bushes and bruised my leg, peed in the woods.

May: neglected my blog, went to a cinco de mayo party, ran in the mother’s day Race to Empower 5K, found an apartment, signed a lease, bought a laptop, had a birthday party. Turned 24.


L Sass said...

23 sounds pretty good, but I have a feeling 24 will be even better!

Lou said...

1) Never be upset about not being tan. Not being tan will mean that you look fab for the rest of your life.

2) I hope you are referring to me as one of those great women from your CES running group.

3) You did a ton of races!

4) I'm wondering what exactly you smoked to make it that memorable :)

5) You're going to have a great time being 24!

RBR said...

What a cool "year in review"! Sounds liek a full one. So when are you signing up for a full again? You know, Lindy is doing Chicago Marathon Take 2. Sounds like a pretty good idea... hint hint.

I mean, what are the odds of Chicago getting a freakish, October heatwave 2 years in a row?!

Listen to Lou, I had that "I want to be tan" thing, now I have a "I want to not look 70 when I am 39" thing *sigh*

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