Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's finally raining

So last night we actually did go see a movie... in the theater.

Exactly on time Shady Jay showed up at my house, said hi to my mom and off we went to the movies. On the way to the movie he asked me about my upcoming move and even asked if I needed any help. He also paid for my movie ticket.

After the movie I invited him in and we were in the basement watching TV.

*Warning if you are a member of my family you may want to stop reading now*

One thing led to another and lets just say my almost one year anniversary of becoming a born again may have led me to be slightly more "aggresive" then I normally would be. Its nothing that Shady Jay nor I have not done together before so thats my justification for being slightly slutty.

Today Ash and I were texting about my previous nights activities...

Me: So is it bad that it happened?
Ash: Not at all... Now we can call you Shady Jai-me

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L Sass said...

Hey, a girl has needs!

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