Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 3 miles
Time: 34:50
Pace: 11:39 min/mile

I have been exhausted lately. My runs come and go and I make excuses for not running them, or not completing all the mileage. This morning my alarm went off and after snoozing for 30 minutes I dragged my ass out of bed and got dressed. Since I didn't have enough time to run the whole 5 miles anymore I decided to run slightly faster then I normally would have for a shorter distance. Let me tell you it was WARM out. Even at 6:50 in the a.m. it was very warm. The dog and I tried to keep up the pace but I ended up walking 4 times. 1 minute after mile 1, 1 minute after mile 2 and then twice for 30 seconds during the 3rd mile. Even so my pace was pretty fast...

I dropped the dog off inside and did my post run stretch. When I walked back into the house he is sprawled out on the floor with his front paws straight forward and his back paws straight back with his tongue hanging way out to the side. So cute. He was exhausted.

A funny story to see you off...

Brian (the brother) and I went to get dinner tonight. As we were in the parking lot trying to get into a spot this car pulled down the center of the isle and stopped to let people off. Even though they looked straight at us the two people who got out stood there talking to the people in the car.

Me: Can you believe how rude they are???

Brian: The one on the left... his dad is now his mom. I'm cutting him some slack.

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L Sass said...

It's so difficult to stay on track during the first heat wave. This week, my goal has just been to get out there, even if I don't complete the mileage. Next week, I'll try to improve on meeting my goals. Argh.

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