Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend has been all over the place.

Friday night Ash, S and I went to Boystown to meet up with some friends. The three of took down most of a handle of Captain before we left the house. Needless to say the three of us were feeling quite nice. After countless ANTM poses and some booty shaking, we hopped in the cab and headed to the bar.

The bar itself was a fun time. At first we were given some dirty looks, but once we found our friends I enjoyed myself. Unfortunately then the puking started. LUCKILY it was not me puking but for the next 12 hours I saw more puking than I have seen in a while. First there was Amber, Adj’s roommate from college puking in the bathroom of the bar. Then while they took her home, Ash, S and I put back a few more drinks with led to S puking in the bathroom at the bar.

S and I went back to Ash’s apartment and passed out. In the morning Ash vomited… A LOT. My favorite time was while we were driving home I had to pull over onto the shoulder and she puked on the Kennedy for 10 minutes. (Poor Ash). Then she did it again at my house.

Saturday night however, everyone was feeling better and we went to James Taylor at Ravinia. The concert was great and JT played a lot of cover songs as well as his own. The entire time it was lightening and thundering but the rain held off. By the second encore Ash, s and I were dancing all over the place… I brought all my moves.

And finally on a semi sad yet shows you the type of guys I attract note…

At Boystown Ash and I were talking to this guy. I basically only remember a few sentences of the conversation of which I learned he was bisexual and over thirty. Neither of these traits would lead me to give out my phone number but the next day I get a phone call from a number I don’t recognize.

Jaime: Hello?

Bi-Thirtysomething Guy: heyitschrisfromthebarlastnightIwasjustcallingtoseehowtherestofyournightwentandIwantedtoseeifyouwantedtocometoribfestwithmetomorrowitsinmyneighborhoodandIgoeveryyearbutI can’tgotonightbecauseIhavetoworktonightwhichkindasucksbutifyouwanttocomedowntomorrow wecangoanditwillbealotoffuncanyourbelievethiswentone foralmostfiveminutes?

Jaime: Um…hi.

I guess this might be slightly higher on my scale then guy who screams like a five year old girl in the middle of a scary movie, but maybe night quite as high as the the ex yo-yo champ


L Sass said...

Ha to 30-something guy. Guess you intimidated him!

I would LOVE to see James Taylor in concert! You're lucky!

Lou said...

I think I have friends who have met that guy. Chicago is a small world ;)

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