Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bastille Day Racin'

Bastille Day 5K
Distance: 3.15 miles (according to my Garmin)
Official time: 33:48
Pace: 10:55 minutes/mile
Overall Place: 2296/2675 (the race had sold out at 5000 runners… only a little more than half ran)

All day long the weather channel had been warning severe thunderstorms were on the way. As my dad and I toed the line we saw some very black skies behind us. The gun went off and I stayed with my dad for the first three quarters of a mile and then I decided to pick it up a little. I walked through the water station and turned a corner and then the rain started. At first it was a steady rain but not anything that made it hard to run…

Then around mile 2 it started to downpour. Huge bolts of lightning and thunder seemed VERY close. I tried to run faster but my clothes were soaked and hanging heavily, not quite moving with my stride the way they had earlier in the run. The worst part was my shoes. Luckily I had decided to wear an old pair but they were squishing and sloshing with every step.

Although I feel like if it hadn’t tsunamie-ed on me my time would have been faster my mile splits weren’t bad:
Mile 1: 10:41 minutes
Mile 2: 11:04 minutes
Mile 3: 10:36 minutes

I also think it is funny that this is the second race this year that I have been drenched with torrential rain…

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L Sass said...

Got to love the rainy, rainy races! At least it weeds out the weak ones, right?

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