Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love my new apartment!

Scheduled: 10 miles
Actual: 9.1 miles plus .5 miles of a cool down
Time: 2 hours
Pace: too scary to even compute

After waking up on and off all morning and cursing the heavens until I was blue in the face... it was finally able to hit the streets around 11. I love my new apartment. I walked outside and ran one block to Ashland, a few blocks over to Irving Park and then about 1.1 miles to the lakefront path. I ran the path until I hit North Ave Beacb at about 5 miles and the 1 hour mark. I called my dad to see if he wanted to go to lunch in about an hour. After the confirmation I continuted South towards the museum campus.

Unfortunatley I wasn't really using my head and I hit the dreaded section of the path between North Ave Beach and Ohio Street Beach at NOON. Am I stupid??? By the time I hit the end of the stretch I was exhausted. I downed a ton of water and made my way around Navy Pier and then I had to walk a little. I stopped to use the bathroon and ran to Grant Park and tunred around. The last three-quarters of a mile I mostly walked... I was unbelieveably hot (I was even running in just my sports bra at this point which I have NEVER done) and my stomach was cramping really bad. When I got back to the bathroon there was a little food stand. One of the workers was filling ice into some sort of container and I BEGGED him for some. I sucked down the ice water and walked to meet my dad and step-mom.

Overall the run was alright. The first half went really good and then last half sucked so that averages to alright. I shouldn't have expected much more considering the amount of effort I have been putting into my running lately. But I got out there and I ran and next weekend will be better.


Lou said...

Welcome to the city. You're not that far from me if you're near Ashland and Irving Park. Sorry the run was only so-so.

L Sass said...

Uff, nothing like a long, mid-day run in July! Yuck! I like to make myself get up at 6 or 7 to beat the heat and the crowds!

Ashley said...

FYI: I'm back in the game.

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