Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Women Runnin'

Fleet feet Sport Women's 10K
Place: 1266/1378
Time: 1:14:34
Pace: 12 minute/mile

I have no idea where my head was on Sunday morning. My alarm went off and I moved as though I was NOT going to an event with a definite start time. I dressed in a non-race friendly shirt and almost forgot to eat my toast... OK who am I kidding I never forget to eat. I walked outside to my car only to find a huge moat at least 5 feet wide from the huge storms Saturday night. I stood at the edge of the moat for about 5 minutes contemplating what to do. Here is a mini re-cap of my inner monologue...

Wow, that's really wide. I wonder if I could leap across it? No there is no way I can leap across. I wonder if it stays this wide further down the road? Should I walk down farther to see if it is more crossable? Nah I better try and take a running leap. I will totally be able to clear it...

Ha. Yea right. So I totally took a flying leap and landed right in the middle of the moat. My shoe and sock were soaked. I was steaming mad at myself as I sloshed down the street only to get more mad when my huge moat turned into a small stream a few feet from my car.

Since I was running late I had to park in the far parking lot and hurry over to get my chip and start. As I toed the line I almost cried when I realized that I had left my Garmin AND music in the car. Suck it up Jaime was all I could think of as the gun went off and I started to run. I decided since it was so humid I was just going to take it slow and just run the whole time. I didn't really care about my time because it wasn't there on my wrist screaming at me to beat my last 10K time. At mile 5 I decided to pick it up since I was feeling really good and I passed 20 people in the last mile. TWENTY people. And guess how many people passed me???


Once I got there I loved this race. I loved that it was all women. The course didn't feel too long or boring. We weren't constantly turning a corner or running in the same direction for the whole time. The water stations were perfectly placed and I just had a really good run. I will definitely run this again next year.


Ashley said...

I dealt with the same moat when I was coming home Saturday night, and I had the same debate with myself. I opted to walk further down the road (despite the fact that it was raining), but still managed to step in a huge puddle on the sidewalk. That's why my shoes are by the door - they were soaked!

L Sass said...

Great jov!

I also love all-women races. They just feel different-and better!

Lou said...

agreed. women = awesome.

Lindy said...

I wish I had known you were gonna be there. Hey, from here on out, let's check each other's blogs before heading out to a race!

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