Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When your dad reminds you that its been awhile...

Since you have blogged...then you know you need to sit your ass down and type.

So what has been going on with me? A LOT!

First… I am now officially living in the city!!! My apartment is so cute and still super messy and tilts slightly to the right.

This past weekend S had friends in from out of town so we all went to Dick’s last resort for dinner and then walked to the fireworks at Navy Pier. We were all sardined (sp?) in with a little flower garden right in front of us and then a parking lot next to us on the other side. As everyone is OOOing and AHHHing this REALLY cute guy and is leading his girlfriend through the crowd and stops right in front of my friend O. Like any closer and they would have been rubbing his butt in our faces. O looks at the guy and is like “Dude we can’t see” and the guy nervously apologies and head back the other way. A few minutes later the fireworks end and we look over to see the girl who was with Mr. I know No Personal Space is crying hysterically. My friends and I look at each other and are like “shit we didn’t mean to be rude…” when we see Mr. IKNPS holding a ring box.

We forced this guy to propose to his girlfriend in the dirty parking lot instead of in front of the pretty flowers!

It was very cute to see someone else get proposed to like this but at the same time super tacky. Hopefully I will not be proposed to in that manner and if I do then I will have to tell him he obviously doesn’t know me… but I digress.

Next… I have hardly been running. This is not really by choice but mostly because I have been super busy and just plain old unmotivated. Tomorrow my dad and I are running in the Bastille Day 5K and then in 2 weeks I have a 10K. In the middle of August I also have a half marathon. What you say? A half marathon in a month and hardly been running? Yes you heard right and I am kind of freaking out. I know I can do the distance but it is a matter of how I feel when it is over. And as of right now I will probably feel like I am going to die. But this weekend I will try and get 10 miles in and we’ll take it from there.

Third… I have been super stressed out lately. I was off of work most of last week due to the holiday and moving and this week work has been OUT OF CONTROL. My list of things to check off is longer than it has ever been in the last 2 years I have worked for the company. Yesterday I got into it with one of my coworkers… but that is a story for another day.

I also did not get my period this month. I don’t have sex for almost a year and the month I have it… Aunt Flow moves away. Close your mouths and start your hearts again… I have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative (I knew it would be) But it still sucks not having it. I talked to the doctor and she said it was because she switched me to a super low estrogen birth control pill and that my body needs to adapt to it. So I called her back as asked if she could change me back because I would rather have the flow a rushing then have a drought… if you get my drift.

Plus (ok I promise this is the end of me bitching and whining) my feet are super swollen. My dear readers you may or may not know that I have a fat foot. Not wide… but swollen. It has been like this since I was born and every time I get a pedicure they poke it and ask what is wrong with me. But my non fat foot… it is more swollen then my fat foot. I can’t have TWO fat feet. One is eccentric but two is just god damn freakish.

ok more updating later...


Lou said...

I got to be honest. I am stunned that you are so candid when your DAD READS YOUR BLOG! As much as I love the juicy deets...

Welcome to the city, BTW! Where you living?

L Sass said...

I'm with Lou... discussion of your dad and then discussion of your sex life. You must have a great relationship with him! Haha.

I am signed up for the Chi Half on 9/14 and also have hardly been running. Not a good sign!

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