Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bar Crawlin'

This past weekend the dinner group and I participated in the 12 Bar of Christmas Bar Crawl. The day was spent drinking beer, people watching, drinking beer, having fun, drinking beer… And it was a lot of fun. Adj, S, Megan and I dressed up as reindeer and Ash was Santa complete with Santa gloves. It was fantastic. Fantastic until we were in some Mexican Bar, I don’t remember the name of it, it smelled, and the people who worked there didn’t even check ids because (and I quote) We’re Mexican… We don’t care.

Anyways, we walk into the bar and I see Army Boy, a friend of the Ex’s who I was also pretty friendly with. He has been training to go over and fight in Iraq since the end of the summer and must have had the weekend off to ruin my bar crawl. Army Boy sees me, gives me a huge hug and without letting go starts asking

“Where is the EX? (of course he used his name but that name will not ruin my blog) Where is Ex?”

“We broke up”

“NO WAY, Jaime he always comes back, He always tells me you are the love of his life, how he wants to marry you… BLAH BLAH STAB STAB RIGHT IN THE HEART”

“No Army Boy we are done he has a new girlfriend. Its ok, I’m fine…”

Needless to say he didn’t get the idea, and continued to remind me of how the Ex are supposed to be together. Thankfully the smell of the bar helped the lunch group to opt for a different bar and we parted ways. It stuck with me though. I was not prepared for that run-in, and I felt really exposed. It sucks when you are so sure that you have everything under control and then its like BAM! What? You thought you were doing good, HA.

But it is ok. I am strong. And at the next bar we took a shot, although temporary, it worked like a charm.

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