Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saturday + Wednesday = Satnesday?

Saturday’s Run
Scheduled: 8 miles
Actual: 8 miles + .25 mile cool down
Time: 1:37:something
Pace: 12:12 minutes/mile

Finally it was nice enough to take an eight-mile stroll around my neighborhood. Although there were some areas that seemed more like ice-skating rinks instead of sidewalks, I was able to turn my normal 3 mile look into a 7 mile loop by hitting every cul-de-sac and dead end I could find. All in all it felt great to get some fresh air and look at something other than a foggy window.


Wednesday’s Run
Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 5.03 miles + .25 mile cool down
Time: 54:56 minutes
Pace: UNDER 11 minute miles!!!

So every once in a while a runner has an amazing run. They feel like the wind is at their backs and they could easily do 100 miles. My run today… was NOT one of those runs. In fact it was the exact opposite of one of those amazing, I can run forever, runs. It was the anti good run, almost so anti that I want to throw my running shoes away and pick up tap dancing. ALMOST. Then how come my pace was way faster than normal for a run of this length? Because I was willing to kick my ass just to get it over with. DUH. Maybe I should have shitty runs more often?

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