Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter + Running = No Fun

Scheduled: 4 miles
Actual: 7.0 miles
Time: 1:35:20ish?
Pace: just under 12 minute miles

So because it was rainy and cold and gross, it was the unanimous decision to bring my workout to the gym. I was scared… the most I have ever stomached on the treadmill at one time has been 1 hour or around 5 miles. But I needed to switch this weeks run of 4 miles with next weeks of 7 because I will be going with the dinner group to an all day all night bar crawl!!! (be proud momma and pappa) Stepping into the gym and climbing onto the treadmill I said to myself, “Self, look this treadmill in the face and crush it.”

It was a good pep talk but it didn’t work, Every single moment on that stupid treadmill sucked. About 10 minutes into the run I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. I got a second wind and was feeling good. Then about 2 minutes later I wanted to quit again. THEN I accidentally hit the safety cord and the treadmill came to a screeching halt. Crap. Only 2 miles down. Starting it up again I decided to run faster to get done faster. But after another 2 miles I had to stop and take a leak. I must say that the one upside of running indoors is if you have to go to the bathroom you can, and on a toilet to boot.

So after my quick break I stepped back on. By this time the windows in front of me, the ones that I was using to count the cars that passed by (did I mention I hate the treadmill?) had fogged up and all there was to stare at was the treadmill screen. Suffice to say, my last 3 miles were a mixture of sprints and walks and jogs, and curse words, and me swearing that I will never run on the treadmill ever again. But I did it and it was FINALLY over. Break it down:

Miles 1-2: 23:45 minutes
Miles 3-4: 23:13 minutes
Miles 5-7: 36:47 minutes
Overall time: 83 minutes and change

As my mom would say “Remind me again why we live in Chicago??”

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