Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eight is Great

Scheduled: 8 miles
Actual: 8.2 miles (including cool down)
Time: 1:35: and some change for 8 miles
Pace: Just under 12 minute miles

For this weekend’s long run I decided to use the treadmill at Club Cuz, since they have a treadmill in their basement, a nice TV/DVD player and an excellent sound system. So off I ran to the wondrous movie “Shrek the Third.” Good movie, however, awfully short (seeing I still had 12 minutes left after it was over). All in all though it was a good choice over going to the gym and running 8 miles in front of the fogged up window. The towel service could have been better though…

Saturday night I managed to drive S and I downtown in the snow to go to a friend of Ash’s holiday party, thinking this would be a good place to network ourselves to future husbands. Little did we know that in the cab ride over Ash would inform us that this party probably would be mostly women, with the exception of boyfriends and fianc├ęs of women guests which, in my eyes, are basically women.

The party started off REALLY slow. I mean so slow I was staring at the clock watching the minutes tick by. And the dynamics of the party were very strange. Ash’s friend has two other roommates who had the majority of the guests and they were in the living room area, sitting in all of the seats, drinking most of the liquor, and basically at some real fun party that we, those left standing around in the kitchen, were not invited to.

Finally Adj and her friend Jay showed up and the rest of the party seemed to disperse. Adj, S, Ash, Jay, Megan (the host) and I piled in a cab and drove down a few blocks to a bar that Green Hat Boy works at. Since Green Hat Boy is still in love with S, he was all about giving us free drinks and making sure we knew how cool he was. At the bar we also met the National Yo-Yoing Champion from 2 years ago. Of course he busted out the Yo-Yo and showed us some tricks, all the while trying to hit on us. But guess who hit on me? Yo-Yo Man’s Wingman. Do you see the type of men I am currently attracting??? Are you kidding me???

After the bar closed we decided to walk home. Smartest idea ever, seeing that it was a blizzard and I was not wearing boots. But we kept on trekking’ and Ash even met a possible suitor. And his name was… Wait for it… Frodo. Like from Lord of the Rings… (Please see previous comment about the types of guys that we are attracting)

All in all, the night went from a loser to a winner… and I still have all ten toes, which is always a plus.

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Lou said...

OMG! I didn't think you were a creep at all! I love when people link to me. I found you through my google analytics (it tells me what my "referring sites" are). I don't mind at all! I just can't believe you never said anything. Also, if you want me to, I will link to you.

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