Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take Off Your Coat… Stay Awhile

Hey! How are you??? Thought I would catch you up on my life since I know you all check my blog everyday with baited breath…

Let’s start with my running. Basically it has been pretty non-existent this past week. There is this thing called “Hustle up the Hancock” that I signed up for about 3 months ago after a co-worker was telling me about it. Basically you run up 50 something flights of stairs and then you get a medal. Sounds great right??? So I was all excited about it and called up S and got her to sign up for it too. Then I remembered one crucial thing. I HATE stairs. LOATHE THEM. I almost quit my job when I found out my cube was on the second floor. Get the idea? So anyways… last week S and I were talking and realized that the “hustle” was in TWO weeks! So we joined a gym for 2 weeks and have been climbing stairs ever since. And you know how I complain about time almost standing still when I use the treadmill??? Well the revolving stair-climber thingy at the gym… it is 100000000 times WORSE. I swear on my life each second takes 4 seconds. It is horrible. And what’s worse is yesterday I was doing my 25 minutes on the machine and I look over and see the woman next to me has been on her machine for almost an hour (crazy bitch) so I ask her

“Crazy Bitch how have you been on this devil machine for so long?”

She laughed and we got to talking and she told me last year she trained for the “hustle” and would do the devil machine for an hour and then run 6 miles on the treadmill. And guess what? She still thought she was going to die at the top. I had only one word to say to that…


As soon as the “hustle” is over I have to start running hard core. My next half is in less than three months and it is going to be a doosey. Take a look at the website and the elevation and the pictures of people with bloody knees. Yea that’s right… BLOODY knees. Nice. But I am excited because everyone that finishes get a medal, and if you haven’t noticed yet… I really like medals.

Moving on… next there is my career. I FINALLY started my new job yesterday. Not much to discuss yet, but I have a new cube, a new team, and way different responsibilities. Two days down and I am still liking it so that’s good. Today I got to help put a bed sample together… and then on Friday we are going to sit down as a team and name all the new product for the next season. So here is another fact about me that you might not know. If I could choose any job in the word I would be a Namer. I am not sure if that is an official title for the position but I would love for my entire job to be naming streets and nail polish colors. So naming bedroom furniture and occasional tables is pretty damn cool.

Lastly there is my love life. NYE Guy has been calling and texting and I have been as non responsive as I can possibly be and he is not getting it. I have no idea what to do. Ok I know I need to call him and be like “Hey NYE Guy… your lame.” But I feel like that is way to harsh and he is genuinely a nice guy. Just a boring and lame nice guy… who screams like a girl.

Next there is Jason. S and I have renamed him Shady Jay and that is how I will refer to him from now on. So if the name doesn’t give him away… I will elaborate. First the history of me and him. (If I am related to you… feel free to STOP reading at any point) I met Shady Jay the summer I turned 21. Let’s just say that summer I was very drunk and semi promiscuous. He had bought me a drink earlier in the night. We sang to BANANAs and I made out with this guy from Louisiana. Even still Shady Jay offered to drive my friends and me home and asked for my number. We hung out for the last few weeks of the summer… he added a notch to my belt… and then I went back to school for my senior year. Soon after that the EX and I started dating again. The next summer when the EX was on a stupid trip with his friends I went out to a bar and met up with Shady Jay. There was HUGE chemistry between us and I came the closest I ever came to cheating on the EX. So I decided that hanging out with Shady Jay was not smart.

Fast-forward to 6 months ago when the EX and I broke up and my thing with Shady Jay started up again. Totally confused? Well too bad.

So basically every few weeks/months I hang out with Shady Jay in the bar, get drunk and make out with him. And he has this friend who when he gets drunk basically will tell you everything about himself and anyone around him. He has informed me that Shady Jay has an on again off again girlfriend. But everyone hates her and he never takes her out. I am completely against cheating in a relationship I am involved in. I will NEVER cheat on a guy I am dating and if you ever cheat on me you are out the door faster than you can say BUT. However… this is Shady Jay’s business. I am not looking for a relationship with him. He does things that I am not looking for in a guy. But I really like to hook up with him so that’s that.

Now that you all are caught up I will wrap up this post. Sorry if it was all over the place but hopefully it did its purpose.


Lou said...

That half marathon that you're doing this spring looks awesome. Also, I've done the stair stepper and it is a freaking BEAST. BEAST. My legs hurt just thinking about it.

The Stormin Mormon said...

I can't do any of it thanks to the knee, but I still recall hating the stair machine.

As for the job, the concept of a "Namer" is funny as hell to me. But just because I thought of the weird names in the Ikea catalog. I have always wondered who decided that I sleep on the "Stafford" Bed, and what makes it "Stafford." To me it's a fort. :-)

L Sass said...

I would rather die than do the stair stepper. We have a run-up at the Empire State Building here and... um, no thanks!

The Charming Hedonist said...

No. You see, I'm convinced that in my personal version of hell, I will be chained to a stair master with small children whining around me. Oh yes, I hate the stair stepper that much.

Good luck. You have my pity.

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