Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 Runs in ONE Post??? Holy COW!

Since I have not started a new training schedule… I have no “scheduled” runs. I have decided until 2/17/08 I am going to just run what I feel like running.

Actual: 3.6 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Pace: 11:11 minutes/mile

I slept in a little on Saturday morning and then made my way to the gym. Its funny how less crowded the gym is already and its only the beginning of February. Goodbye New Years Resolutions…

Actual: 4.25 miles (4 miles + .25 CD)
Time: 46:32 minutes
Pace:10:50ish minutes/mile

Even though I am just running to run, Monday when I hopped on the treadmill I wanted to run at least 4 miles. There were a TON of people at my company’s gym and all the treadmills were being used when I got there. I open the gym on Monday’s (can you tell I was running a little late) so I basically get paid to work out and do a load of laundry. Because of this, I can’t kick a paying customer off the treadmill so that I can run for $12.50 an hour. But I got the 4 miles in plus a little so I can’t complain.

Actual: 5.25 miles
Time: 57 minutes (5 miles =.25 mile CD)
Pace: 10:45ish minutes/mile

After work I hit the treadmill. Ran 5.25 miles. Hopped off and drove home in the sleet. End of post.


Lou said...

I noticed the same thing on Saturday and Sunday at the gym. The crowd did seem to be a bit lighter than last week. YAY! I can't wait until all these people fall off the wagon.

L Sass said...

It's so mean, but I love it when the New Years Resolutions bite the dust! I'm glad to know there are other Gym Snobs out there.

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