Tuesday, February 19, 2008

S is a Beast

Scheduled: 5 miles
Actual: 5.25 miles
Time: 62 minutes EXACTLY
Pace: 11:50 minutes/mile

This was my first official training run of the spring season. I babysat Friday night overnight so I did not make it downtown at 7:15 in the morn on Saturday to run in the freezing cold (fine by me) so I headed to my trusty treadmill. 5 miles was a piece-o-cake and afterwards S and I went to the HUGE exercise room to do some circuit training. I love S to death but when it comes to circuit training… she is a BEAST. We did lunges and squats and she paused in the middle of each one to yell at me to squat lower. And this was after she did 45 minutes on the crazy stair stepping machine.

Saturday night S, Ash and I headed out to dinner in the Viagra Triangle (Grandpa this is in the Gold Coast). We went to this swanky restaurant that makes you make reservations for 9:30 and then when you check in at 9:30 they make you wait 45 minutes because they are just seating all the 9:00 reservations. My question was why didn’t you just give us a 10:00 reservation? But I guess that is too square. Luckily there is this drink called Wine and the time passed quickly. Dinner was fun, filled with our regular conversations that tend to be to R rated to type. Unfortunately Ash had a minor out of body experience and was unable to drink the rest of the night.

We ended up at the bar and listened to an AWESOME cover band called: Spoken Four, and our toast to meeting new men was unsuccessful… except Ash met this cute guy who turned out to live DIRECTLY behind her. Very bizarre. And his name was Adam (same as the guy she is trying to replace). Also very bizarre. But he had amazing dimples… do I really have to say anymore?

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