Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Funny Email String

Just a quick background recap so you aren't scratching your little head wondering why the hell this is so funny. (truth be told you still might not think it is FUNNY, but at least you might not be totally confused.)

One of the guys we met on New Years Eve, the one who impressed us with his Guitar Hero skills, asked Ash out. So we facebook stalked him (don't judge everyone does it) and found out that he was mutual friends with S. So Ash emailed S in Argentina asking how she knew the Guitar Hero Prodigy (GHP). You could almost hear her laughing on the beach in Argentina as she sipped her margarita and was fanned by gorgeous men (right S?) S and GHP had gone on a blind date last year and he complained about the food and the price of the food from a restaurant he chose, AND answered his cell phone like a bazillion times during the date. S and I had laughed about it and decided he was really LAME.

Well Ash went on her date with him, had a really good time, so he seems to be a changed man. Last night he called her and asked for a second date. So here is the email string... (long enough intro?)

Ash: So as I understand it, we're just going to wait until next week for dinner? Did anyone still want to hang out on Saturday? Also - I have another date with Adam on Thursday. He called and yacked my ear off for about 30 minutes last night when I was trying to watch the football game.

Me: I would like to hang out on Saturday. I was actually going to call [Guy I met on New Years Eve who is roommates with GHP] tonight and maybe suggest that if he was out Saturday night and we were out Saturday night then maybe we could all meet up... but in a much savvier way (if that sounds like something you would all maybe like to do... since we want to go out?) Another date with Adam sounds very promising. Where are you going? I think you should drop Sara's name again but this time say "my friend S, from Deerfield, who used to go on blind dates with guys from Buffalo Grove..."

Ash: Haha I like you're style. I wish I could be as smooth as you. Don't know where we're going - I told him to call me back because I couldn't make decisions while mentally preparing for the football game.

Adj: Hey,I am down for going out on Saturday. Hopefully Sara will come so I wont have to be the 3rd wheel when [Guy I met on New Years Eve who is roommates with GHP] and GHP meet up with you guys. Have GHP take you to the same place he went with S, then "accidentally" let like 5 of her business cards and a couple wallet-size photos of her fall out of your purse. Awkward turtle.

Me: Maybe you could get a shirt made with her face on it and wear that Thursday…

Ash: How about S just goes on the date for me? He knocks on my door, she appears, and claims to be me all night. Meanwhile she denies all knowledge of some girl named "S what?" She insists it was her on the date on Saturday and can even recount seemingly irrelevant details. I change my picture on facebook to be her's instead, and I leave this guy in a state of complete confusion for years to come.

Adj: Sounds like a plan. And she lisps; just for comic effect.

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