Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Remember the guy I met on New Years Eve? The nice one who didn’t take advantage of my hotness and drunkenness? Well since New Years we have talked a few times and met up at the bar last Saturday night. He is so nice. After the bars we walked back to Ash’s apartment and since I was pretty inebriated BEFORE I even left her house to meet up at the bar, I had no coat. And it is winter in Chicago. So needless to say it was pretty damn cold. What does New Years Eve Guy (NYE Guy) do? He insists on me wearing his coat. Very sweet.

We also, as far as I can remember had really good conversation. It’s a little awkward elephant having the kind of generic get to know you conversations, but I think ours flows pretty well. He seemed to get along good with my friends too… A MAJOR PLUS. But the small make-out session at the end of the night… not so good. Huge bummer. And I have been kind of obsessing over it since.

I have never kissed someone (especially when I was wasted) and thought, man that was a bad kiss. Let’s consider the possibilities behind this.

1. He was really nervous. I mean I AM a cute girl.
2. He was really drunk. (Although I don’t think so)
3. He is just inexperienced.

Lets explore option number 3 a little further. NYE Guy is 25 years old. I should hope by this time in his life some girl has commented on his kissing style. The only thing I can think of is maybe he hasn’t kissed a lot of girls… He is also playing the at least three days game with me. We met on New Years (early Tuesday morning), he called on Friday, called again Tuesday last week, we hung out on Saturday and then he called me again tonight (Tuesday). Even though I think he likes me more than talking only once every fourish days, it feels as though he has a schedule that he is following. How To Date 101. I know that I am completely over analyzing this. Hopefully there will be a next time and we can try the kiss again.

One last thing. What if he thought the kiss was really good? What if he was patting himself on the back in the cab back to his apartment? Or worse… what if he thought I was a bad kisser?

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Laughing through my chardonnay said...

I would chalk the bad kiss up to the booze and give him another shot. But the waiting 3+ days crap has got to stop! That's just annoying.

The Stormin Mormon said...

Yeah, I have found that if I want to go out with someone again, I just call them when I feel like it. Enough of my life is regimented, I don't need to date with a calendar.

The Charming Hedonist said...

I agree with Chard -- chalk it up to booze, it can make boys sloppy or stupid. Or both.

But the calling every 3 day....no. You should totally just call him out about it!

What's with the self-imposed 3 day rule you got going on here, buddy?

Good luck!

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