Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I just had to post this. I think my grandma might be one of the cutest grandma's ever. This morning I came to work and there was an email in my inbox that seems to be a response to my new years eve post:

I think you re a great writer! Please don't feel you have to watch what you write. Grandpa and I promise the following:
1. We will not be judgemental!
2. We will not be critical!
3. We will not discuss what we read with ANYONE!
4. We will not read it again if you ask us not too!
5. We will not discuss anything we read with you!

We just enjoyed it so much and your writing style is great. You have introduced us to the whole new modern world. Thank you! Love G

That's it. If my Grandma says its ok to write about anything then I am going to write about whatever my litte heart desires.

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