Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jaime + Treadmill = LOVE?

Scheduled: 10 miles
Actual: 10 miles
Time: 2:00:53 minutes
Pace: Just over 12 minutes/mile

Last long run before the ING Half Marathon! Wednesday night I was having a really hard time sleeping and by 3:15 on Thursday morning any thought of falling back to sleep was out the door. I laid there in my bed trying to will myself back to sleep, and finally around 4:30 I decided to just get up and go to the gym to get my long run out of the way.

At 5:15 I hopped on the treadmill and started my run. I kept the pace slow, I didn’t try and speed up to keep myself entertained, I just listened to my music and ran. 10 miles on the treadmill. Yes it seemed long, but NOT 10 miles long. I got into a groove and then it was done.

Going to work after getting hardly any sleep AND running 10 miles… well that is a completely different story.

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