Monday, January 14, 2008

You Ain’t Got Nothin on Me Treadmill

Scheduled: 9 miles
Actual: 9 miles
Time: 1:48:12
Pace: About 12 minutes/mile

Trying to learn from past mistakes I decided to wake up early on Saturday morning and get these 9 miles out of the way. I grabbed my water and Gu and hit up my new best friend, the treadmill. And it wasn’t half bad. The first 6 plus miles were almost, do I dare say it… Easy. I was in the zone. Starring at the partially fogged up window, listening to my tunes, thinking about how I was planning on getting my drink on that night. At 6.85 miles I stopped and took my Gu only to notice that I was running next to my 7th grade math teacher. Super random. We chatted for a few minutes and I hopped back on the ‘mill. The last 3ish miles were A LOT harder, but I pushed through and then it was over. Finally I do not dread the tread… mill. You hear that treadmill? I’M NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!

Only one more long weekend run until my race. I am slightly nervous seeing that the weather in Miami has been quite warm, and I think the course may have a few more inclines then I have been training for. But in less then 13 days it will be over and I can relax for like 2.7 seconds before my next training begins. Also, with two half marathons under my belt I will officially be able to say I run Half MarathonS. And that is pretty damn cool.

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Laughing through my chardonnay said...

I envy you. The treadmill scares the crap out of me. I would rather use either kind of stairmaster for 3 hours on high speed then get on the treadmill.

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